If you’re looking for substance in your Garbage Horror, you’ll probably want to look somewhere else. However, if you’re into cheesy vampires, the wild west, gothic lesbians and lots of toplessness, well, you may have just found your next movie.

Vampegeddon starts out in the “wild west” era in the untamed Arizona desert. There, the vampire Giovanni and his minions are slain by famed vampire hunter Longshank. However, in modern times, when a lesbian goth girl named Melissa wants revenge on her town she awakens the vampires who intend to use her to let all of the other slain vampires back into the real world.

Can Melissa, her friends and a resurrected Longshank stop the vampire apocalypse (Vampegeddon?). You’ll have to watch to find out!

About the Intro

For this intro, we look at the pivotal scene in the movie where Melissa gets the incantation book from a mysterious garage sale. However, the garage sale seemed to be run by the worst salesman in the history of selling things.

That is, until Jonathan decides he’s going to take a crack at being even worse. How will Crystal obtain the much-needed plot device?


If parts of this movie seem dark to you, it’s not because the movie lacked lights or a generator. According to the IMDB, the people behind the movie lacked extension cords or a way to move the generator to the set location, thus resulting in even worse lighting.

David C. Hayes plays the role of Mr. Rizzowski, the garage sale owner who sells Melissa the book. He’s also the writer of the script, which probably explains why HE gets the four topless vampire women attacking him.

Also, the movie’s head makeup artist actually doubled as one of the four vampire women.

David C. Hayes, in addition to his nearly 60 other movie performances (not to mention 20 writing credits and production credits) also is a long-time announcer for Elite Xtreme Wrestling under the name D. S. Hayes.

In IMDB, the role of Mona is credited to “Sugar”. Nothing else, just “Sugar”.

Additional Information

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