Tiki Movie PosterIt’s October so that means it’s the busy time for team Garbage Horror. Not only are we busy making new episodes for you guys, but we’re building our Haunted House to open later this month.

So, we wanted to relax a little bit and picked up a movie called “Tiki” hoping that it would be a relaxing trip to the beaches of Hawaii and that we’d be able to get in some fake sun. However, instead of getting served umbrella drinks and sitting on a beach, we found ourselves in overcast Spokane being assaulted by a six inch wooden doll carrying a spear.

So how does a such a diminutive murderer actually kill anyone? Through a lot of creativity and hard work.

However, none of this would have been necessary if they had just put the curse on a larger tiki. I’m sure they could have found one. World Market has to have something you could have used…

About the Intro

This week’s review was a divisive one. Though we agreed on the movie itself we couldn’t agree on one of the main characters, Julie. So, after tempers flared on set and several attempts were made on each other’s life (part to all of that is a lie) Crystal drew inspiration from the movie to get her revenge.

So what happens when a tiki doll comes and disturbs Jonathan in his sleep? Probably not a lot since he’s a grown man that outweighs the doll about 300-to-1. Not to mention that and it’s made out of wood. And it’s not really a tiki doll anyway…


Tiki was released by Retromedia, which is owned by Fred Olen Wray, the same guy who directed “Beverly Hills Vamp” from last week. Proof that the horror world is a small one.

Good luck finding the three leading ladies, Joelene Smith (Amy), Maria Caprile (Aunt Maelea) and Tanya Morton (Julie) in any other movies. There are no IMDB entries for other films they’ve been in at all.

Tiki does not have a proper movie poster, just the “Killing Soon” preview poster that’s available on all the sites related to the movie.

The trailer for the movie is cut so that, at the end one of the characters says “There’s no telling what he might do”, making it seem like he’s talking about the Tiki. However, in the movie, he was talking about his penis rebelling.

The entire movie was filmed in and around Spokane, Washington. Including the parts supposedly filmed in Hawaii. This might explain why they never went outside in Hawaii…

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more about the movie:

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  2. Watch Full Movie on Netflix
  3. IMDB Entry
  4. Rotten Tomatoes
  5. A Different Review



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