The Haunting of Marsten Manor PosterThere are some movies that are bad and then there are movies that are so bad they literally tick us off.

“The Haunting of Marsten Manor” is one of the latter.

This movie follows the tale of a blind girl named Jill and her two friends, Rob and Erika, as they investigate mysterious happenings at a haunted mansion Jill just inherited. While it’s a neat concept, the movie went out of its way to make Jill as annoying of a character as possible, to the point where she’s likely offensive to actual blind people, and the other characters are either equally annoying or just flat our boring.

So how do we survive this film? Will this PG horror be able to provide any chills or thrills? You’ll have to watch the review to find out.

About the Intro

There was no division in this week’s review, save over the issue of just how bad the film really was. However, Crystal did manage to pluck a couple of ideas out of the movie.

The first nearly kills her as she attempts to take on Jill’s character only to realize that, if she tries to be as helpless as Jill, she soon won’t be able to function at all. Second, she tries out a “ventriloquism for the blind” gag that ends up actually being more annoying than the original bit in the movie.

You have to love it when both the intro and the stinger end with Crystal calling me an “asshole”. It’s the best kind for me (means I’m not getting disturbed by cheap tikis this week).


According to IMDB, The Haunting of Marsten Manor was shot on a budget of $120,000 and, according to the official site, was filmed in 11 days with a crew of eight people.

Most of the film was shot inside of The Armstrong Mansion outside of Salt Lake City, UT. If you want, you can actually spend the night in “Marsten Manor” for about $50 a night.

According to the film’s credits, the copyright of the movie is held by none other than “Marsten Manor Pictures”. This film is the company’s only offering.

The film was largely the work of husband and wife team Dave and Julie Sapp who co-wrote the film. Dave went on to direct it and Julie starred in the movie as Kate Marsten, the ghost in the film.

Brianne Davis, who played Jill, and Christine Woods, who played Erika, both were on CSI:Miami for exactly one episode. However, their appearances were years apart.

Ezra Buzzington, who played the gas station attendant Hank, was also Inspector Dent in the movie “Fight Club”.

Ken Luckey, who played Rob, did some work for the video game L.A. Noire., where he lent both his face and his voice to the character of Patrolman Clyde Hart.

Though most of the film was fiction, the movie did try to work in some factual information about blindness, in particular how those who are afflicted with it later in life cope.

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more about the movie:

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