Thanks to a Facebook poll, our “friends” decided we should watch the Troma classic Rabid Grannies this week. It’s the tale of a greedy family trying to get into the will of their two, elderly “aunties” only to have the wayward son of the family use a curse to turn them into evil monsters that pick them off one by one.

Will anyone in the family get out alive? More importantly, will you care? Watch the review to find out!

About the Intro

In our most complex intro to date (so what if it’s only three this one wins) we explore a very simple way the curse and the tragedy could have been avoided. If one character had just avoided one stupid decision everyone just might have lived.

On second thought, maybe it wasn’t such a stupid decision.


A Belgian film shot in French, Rabid Grannies was originally titled “Les mémés cannibales”. The movie was acquired by the notorious U.S. film studio Troma for distribution and came out in 1988, just one year after “Redneck Zombies”.

The Troma release, sadly, removes much of the gore in the film (this is the version we reviewed) but apparently some DVD distributions include the gore as a bonus feature.

Additional Information

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