Sherlock Holmes PosterThe two of us are both big Sherlock Holmes fans. We both grew up reading the original stories, spending many a nights enwrapped in the tales from Sir Author Conan Doyle. We both also highly enjoyed the Jeremy Brett interpretation of the classic detective, which tended to stay more true to the stories themselves.

As such, we were more than a little bit skeptical when we first heard about the recent Robert Downey Jr. re-imagining of the character. We weren’t sure what to make of this more action-oriented version of the famous detective.

So after we saw the latest movie, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” we took the opportunity to reflect on it and its sequel, simply entitled “Sherlock Holmes”, to see if we could draw some useful conclusions.

Would we find joy in the more modern, action-packed stories or poo-poo the differences between the original stories and the new movies. The answers are in the video.

One thing is for certain, the character of Sherlock Holmes will never be the same…



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