Well, we thought we were done with the Laser Tag Review series but, during the holidays, we visited our old home of Columbia, SC and revisited the arena were we both got much of our start playing laser tag, Frankie’s Fun Park.

Back in the late nineties and early 2000s, Frankie’s was not only the best arena in South Carolina but in much of the southeast. With great equipment, three stories of play and one of the best member programs around, it was where much of our laser tag passion got started.

However, now eight years have passed and the arena has changed, the equipment has been replaced and the gameplay style has been changed.

So, will this classic arena hold up or will the spate of changes kill it? What the review to find out…

(Note: Due to an injury on Crystal’s part (not related to any baseball-throwing-related revenge) we are unable to bring a Garbage Horror episode to you this week. However, thanks to a good prognosis, we are planning on releasing a new one next week at the usual time. Sorry for the delay!0



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