This week we’re continuing our Haunt review series and we are turning our attention to New Orleans’ best-known and longest-running haunted attraction: The House of Shock.

Best known for its satanic imagery and wild stage show, The House of Shock has been a presence in New Orleans for nearly 20 years. However, while it’s known as one of the best haunts in the country, has it been able to remain fresh and exciting during that time or is it retreading old ground? What can you expect when you go in.

We’ll find out in this review.

As we begin to turn our gaze to the 2012 season, we take a look back at what 2011 was for the HoS.

If you want to visit it yourself, here’s the address and critical information about the haunt:

House of Shock
319 Butterworth St.
Jefferson, LA. 70121


If you haven’t been yet this year, you have just a few more nights in which you can go, I suggest you make your plans now!



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