This week we’re continuing our Haunt review series and are going out of the city and heading to Baton Rouge to visit the 13th Gate and its new attraction Necropolis 13.

The 13th Gate is, without a doubt, our favorite haunt and one of only a few haunts that we visit every year religiously. However, the question remains how the haunt will stack up this year and, in particular, how well the brand-new attraction, Necropolis 13, would hold up given the high bar that its big brother has set for it

Was the trip a fright-fest worthy of another revisit or is it just a retreading of the same material? Will you be amazed beyond belief or bored to tears? Is the VIP worth it or should you just pay the regular price? The answer to these questions and many more in the review above.

If you want to visit it yourself, here’s the address and critical information about the haunt:

832 Phillip Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802-6242
(225) 389-1313


If you haven’t been yet this year, you have just a few more nights in which you can go, I suggest you make your plans now!



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