Here at Garbage Horror, we are more than just horror movie buffs, we are also general Halloween buffs and nothing gets us into the spirit more than a good haunted house.

In that regard, we are truly blessed to live in New Orleans, which is holy ground for haunt lovers. With the 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, the House of Shock in Jefferson and The Mortuary in Mid-City we have three of the best haunts in the country within 90 minutes drive. Not to mention the slew of other, up and coming, haunts in the region.

However, for our first haunt review we’re taking a look at another New Orleans area tradition, home and charity haunting, and we made the drive down to Lafitte, Louisiana to see the local fire department’s charity haunt.

Will it stand up against other, bigger haunts and make it worth the drive deep into the swamps? What can a group of firemen do that can scare us?

The answers to these questions and more in this episode of “Out of the Can”.



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