Out of the Can: Haunt Review – House of Shock 2014

Out of the Can: Haunt Review – House of Shock 2014

It’s the final season for the House of Shock. New Orleans best-known and, at times, most-controversial haunted attraction is closing down. Though it seems likely the crew behind it will haunt on, this is your last chance to see the House of Shock as you know it.

Previously when we reviewed the House of Shock, we said that, while it was a great haunted attraction, it hadn’t changed much since at least 2006, making it a fun haunt but not one that you particularly needed to go to if you remembered it well and didn’t wish to repeat the same experience.

So, that begs the question, with the final season are they pulling out the stops or is it the same House of Shock? Are they going out on a bang, a whimper or something in between? Also, how are they going to tie up one of the nation’s longest-running haunted attractions.

We have the answers to those questions and more in this review. So check it out and we will be back next week with more haunt reviews as we are visiting 13th Gate, Evil Visions, Rise and at least one or two more!



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