We are back from our trip to St. Louis and we a LOT of haunt reviews coming up for you. However, we’re doing these a bit out of order to highlight some places that have less time left in their season so bear with us.

On that note, one of the priorities this trip was to correct a mighty injustice Crystal and I had been burdened with. Neither of us had been on a haunted hay ride.

We missed chances as kids and we live in an area where they aren’t popular so the opportunity never unveiled until this trip. So we made our way to Eckert’s Family Fun Farm in Millstadt, IL to give their regionally-famous one a try.

So was is as fun as a role in the hay or just an allergic reaction waiting to happen? The answer to that and much more in this review!

Haunt Info

Website: Eckert’s Family Fun Farm



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