Two life-long Alice Cooper fans, we are now put in the precarious position of reviewing his lone starring role in a horror movie, Monster Dog. In this film Alice Cooper plays the role of Vincent Raven, an ultra-famous rock star who is returning home to shoot a new music video.

However, the town is in turmoil as a pack of wild dogs has been attacking and killing the locals. TO make matters worse, suspicion falls on Vincent as rumors of a “Monster Dog” that’s been leading the dogs swirl. It turns out the suspicion is not without reason…

Is Vincent the Monster Dog? Will he or his friends get out alive? Why the Hell do we own a pair of Alice Cooper’s pants? Only one of these questions will be answered!

About the Intro

For this intro, we decided to recreate the “Identity Criseses” music video from the Monster Dog intro. Unfortunately, we only had one beautiful woman and she had to work behind the camera, but we managed the best we could with the crap we had laying around the house and a pair of dollar water guns from Wal-Mart.

Stay tuned after the credits for a blooper of the music video recording. Of all the hats Crystal, of all the hats…


Monster Dog, despite starring Alice Cooper and featuring a predominantly U.S. cast, was shot in Spain and was filmed in Spanish. Alice Cooper did not do his own English dub, instead done by Ted Rusoff. We’ve never heard of him either.

Vincent is Alice Cooper’s real first name, Vincent Damon Furnier, but it may also be an homage to friend Vincent Price, who was well known for his role in The Raven.

This movie was Alice Cooper’s only starring role but he also had parts in Sgt. Peppers and the Sextette with Mae West. The latter of those two means this was not his most embarrassing film appearance (Yes, that is him on the piano).

Additional Information

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