In this episode, Jonathan and Crystal tackle the timeless tail of Kottentail. A classic story about genetic experiments and mutant bunny/human hybrids that go on to terrorize a small town (or hotel they decided to film at).

You know? The kind of stuff Shakespeare talked about.

Well, of course all that and topless women and other stuff we can’t really show…

About the Intro

For this review, Jonathan takes out his frustration on a poor, innocent stuffed bunny that managed to survive both a savage beating and subsequent stabbing. He has since earned a place in the Garbage Horror household, we call him Bobby and he occasionally makes cameos on the Copyright 2.0 Show.


Buffy, the lead sorority girl (the redhead) is played by Zoe Hunter, an up and coming Scream Queen who played the lead vampire in “Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned”. Jonathan also has a crush on her but don’t tell Crystal.

Bridget Marquardt plays the part of Dr. Scarlet Salenger, the female doctor. Not only is she a well-known Playboy Bunny and famous for her role as a host of “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches” and “The Girls Next Door”, but she is also the only main female character to NOT get topless in this film. Seriously, what is up with that?

The Asian sorority sister is named “Ginger” while the redhead is named “Buffy”. I have no idea why.

The male doctor, Dr. Pez, played by Jake Andolina, played a State Trooper in “America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back”.

Additional Information

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