It’s the tale of two movies this week. A 40-minute long stinker of a plot filled with a celebrity cameo, gratuitous nudity and enough exposition to fill most novels. The other, a 40-minute guts on the table horror flick with incredible special effects, solid writing, acting and even plausible characters.

Both movies center around Sara, a tough, smart and strong girl who is turning 18. On a Friday. On Halloween. Though she laments her friends have forgotten her big day nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead, they’ve planned a blowout at Burkitt manor, the local haunted house.

However, when strange things start happening, Sara’s friends begin to die off one by one. Will she be next?

More importantly, how will Jonathan and Crystal, two rabid fans of budget horror, rate this one? Will the good win out and earn “It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want to…” a strong recommendation or will the intro win out and earn it condemnation. You’ll have to watch to find out.

About the Intro

For this intro, we revisit the original Burkitt murders. Shown in the first few moments of the film, we try to figure out what would happen if something like that took place today. The results were, in a word, unimpressive.

No computer equipment was harmed in the making of this intro. Crystal, however, became very cross…


Shot in 2007, IMDB claims that the budget for this movie was a mere $30,000, making it the cheapest film we’ve reviewed to date and a mere .6% of the estimate budget of Boy Eats Girl ($5,000,000). Proof you don’t always get what you pay for.

Special Effects legend Tom Savini makes a cameo in this movie as Uncle Tom. At least some of the members of Scotchworthy Productions, the company behind this film, went to his famous effects school and learned how to do many of the tricks they used in this movie.

It costs $31,250 to go to Tom Savini’s 16-month school in tuition alone. Making the school more expensive than the film.

IMDB also reports that the movie was shot in February, in a house without heating or plumbing.

Finally, the DVD version of the film has a “choose your own adventure mode” which, sadly, we didn’t get to play with.

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more or watch Boy Eats Girl:

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