Last week, the Prytania theater in New Orleans held a midnight showing of the modern cult classic The Room.

Widely regarded as the worst movie of the past decade, we decided to go and see what the fuss was about and brought our camera with us, doing interviews and shooting photos from the event.

So is “The Room” as bad as people say it is and what is the midnight showing really like? The answers are in the video. However, it’s safe to say that, if you do go to such a midnight showing, bring a bunch of plastic spoons and wear your best red dress.

Also, work on your Tommy Wiseau accent, ours stinks.

As an interesting aside though, while standing in line to go in, Crystal overheard a group of people talking about another bad movie called “Birdemic”. They pleaded with her not to watch the film saying it was far worse than “The Room” but we ended up doing exactly that. Twice.

So stay tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of this saga as we post our seventh Garbage Horror episode: Birdemic.

I seriously hope that you people appreciate what we go through…



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