ThanksKilling PosterIt’s almost Thanksgiving so, to celebrate, we popped in one of our favorite garbage horrors of all time, ThanksKilling. Really, how can you go wrong with a homicidal turkey loves butchering and “stuffing” his victims?

You can’t.

While, at 66 minutes, this film may not be the longest film we’ve done, it’s a well-paced, self-aware movie that treads the line between comedy and stupidity pretty well. If the thought of a homicidal turkey coming to life on Thanksgiving makes you giggle, then you probably want to check out this movie and this review.

About the Intro

This week’s intro is a follow up to the previous one’s as I attempt to get my revenge for Crystal’s unprovoked attack on me last week. However, apparently Wal-Mart doesn’t actually sell turkeys around Thanksgiving (not the kind you can’t eat at least) and I had to settle for the second string.

It went about as well as you would expect.

Also, stay tuned for this week’s stinger after the credits as we revisit one of our favorite characters in the movie, namely Sheriff Roud, and his rather unusual way of breaking bad news…


ThanksKilling was filmed on an estimated budget of $3,500 and in a total of 11 days, all of which took place during a break between the two movie’s creators (Jordan Downey, Kevin Stewart) junior and senior year in college.

However, the open sequence with the naked Pilgrim woman (porn star Wanda Lust) was filmed a full year after the rest of the movie had wrapped.

You can download the entire ThanksKilling script on their site and even recut the film to your liking (though the contest ended in 2009).

Auditions for the movie were held in the Downey’s garage.

Downey also built the turkey puppet that was used in the movie. Unfortunately though, it had fallen apart by the end of filming. Only the head and neck remain intact.

However, unlike many other horror films in this budget range, neither Downey nor Stewart spent any time in front of the camera.

There are no deleted scenes in ThanksKilling, every scene that was shot was used (and still only equalled 66 minutes of runtime).

The killer turkey in the movie has no name, because the creators couldn’t think of a good one.

Due to distribution issues, the film was not released until 2009, despite being finished in 2007.

The hermit in the movie is played by General Bastard, best known as a “surf thrash” rocker. You can view his musical site here (autoplay music warning) and download free tracks.

Finally, if you’re wanting a sequel, you’re in luck! The ThanksKilling sequel just finished a run on Kickstarter and has been funded to 112% the requested amount! Estimated release is fall 2012.

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more about the movie:

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