Rubber Movie PosterYou’ve probably seen a lot of tires in your life. Odds are you have at least four of them on or in your car. However, have you ever given any thought as to what might happen if one of them came to life and started blowing things up with its mind?

Probably not.

However, this week’s movie, Rubber, does just that.

Rubber is an ultra-bizarre movie about a tire that comes to life, learns what it’s capable of, falls in love and explodes a few heads along the way. Couple that with an audience that operates much like a Greek chorus, a bizarre sheriff and his accountant cohort and you have one of the strangest and yet strangely awesome movies we’ve seen…

About the Intro

This week for the intro, we explore the concept of the movie itself and ask ourselves if a regular tire could hurt anyone. Fortunately, we happen to have an old spare in the backyard and Crystal seeks more than eager to find out (at my expense).

Stay tuned after the credits for the extended stinger where we revisit the intro to the film (confusing I know) and talk more about the motivations behind “No Reason”. Also, has, a special guest appearance by “Blarney the Orgasming Dinosaur” as we call him.


In addition to being the writer and director of the film, Quitin Dupieux also edited it, helped write the music and operated the camera.

The tire in the film was done through a complex combination of special effects, which you can read about here, but none of the effects were CGI.

According to IMDB, the movie was shot on an estimated $500,000 budget but only grossed $98,017 in the theaters.

The tire’s name is Robert, but with the French pronunciation.

Roxane Mesquida played Shiela in the movie, the tire’s love interest. She’s best known for playing Elena Pingot (the cute sister) in the Catherine Breillat film “Fat Girl”. (Not a horror, but a flick worth checking out).

Jack Plotnick, who played the accountant in the film, has a long acting career going back to the mid-nineties but his most unusual role is playing the voice of Xandir in the animated TV series “Drawn Together”.

Stephen Spinella, who played Lieutenant Chad, not only played Dr. Samuel Heller in Desperate Housewives but also Rick Stokes in the movie Milk.

Wings Hauser, who played the man in the wheelchair, has an acting career going back to 1967 but is probably best known for his small part in The Insider.

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more about the movie:

  1. Official Website
  2. Amazon Link
  3. Watch Full Movie on Netflix
  4. IMDB Entry
  5. Rotten Tomatoes
  6. A Different Review



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