Jack Frost 2 PosterIt’s the holidays and, though we aren’t exactly the biggest fans of Christmas at the Garbage Horror HQ, it’s pretty difficult to miss all of the Christmas music, lit up houses, holiday food and those deadly, deadly Christmas trees (for Crystal at least).

So, we decided to celebrate a little bit this week by visiting a Christmas horror movie. However, it’s not just any Christmas flick, it has bikinis, babes, a Caribbean island and, most importantly, a mutant killer snowman Hell-bent on revenge.

If it sounds like a good time for you then you should really enjoy this review.

About the Intro

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow!

For this week’s intro Crystal gets the wrong idea from the movie and decides that, since mutant snowmen can survive in the tropics, she can have a snowball fight in New Orleans. Unfortunately, I’m the one who pays as she grabs baseballs and other white spherical objects to throw at my head.

If that’s not enough of me suffering, hang around after the credits for the full round of takes it took to get that scene including the blooper that ended up being the most painful of all.


Christopher Allport, who played the lead Sam, had a great career in acting but passed away in 2008, 8 years after this film was made. He was also in the original.

Eileen Seeley, who played Sam’s wife, was also in the original film but, more interestingly, played the role of an even more beloved wife/mother, that of Martha Wayne. Unfortunately it was in “Batman Forever”…

Scott MacDonald, who did the voice for Jack Frost and was also the character in human form in the original film, is best known as D.I. Fitch in the movie “Jarhead”. However, he’s also done a lot of other voice acting work, including playing characters in “L.A. Noire”.

Agent Manners was played by David Allen Brooks, who was not in the original film. Manners actually died in the first film but was brought back in this one explaining he required extensive plastic surgery and that he lost an eye (thus the eyepatch). This also explained using a new actor for the role.

Michael Cooney both wrote and directed the film but largely stopped directing after this movie to persue writing and is now best known for the movie “Identity”.

According to IMDB, if the movie looks a bit drab for being set on a tropical island, it’s because it rained the entire four weeks of the shoot, eliminating any sun.

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more about the movie:

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