Fist of the Vampire PosterLee is a tough-talking police detective that’s been assigned to infiltrate and shut down an underground fighting ring. But this is no ordinary fighting ring, this one is run by vampires. And these aren’t any ordinary vampires, these are vampires portrayed by lesbian porn stars and major professional wrestlers.

If this sounds like a good time to you then you clearly have not seen Fist of the Vampire.

Between bad editing, horrible acting, incoherent plot and some of the worst effects to have ever reach the small screen, The Fist of the Vampire is a movie that’s bound to have you scratching your head and wanting your time/money back.

But can we, two mere mortal movie reviewers make it through this film? Can we withstand the disappointment of watching such an awesome-sounding idea fall flat on its face (and breasts)? Most importantly of all, how are we going to cope when the specter of bad editing begins to make its mark on our own intro, threatening our very ability to communicate.

The answers to these questions and many more are in this week’s Garbage Horror review: Fist of the Vampire!



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