In this episode, Crystal and Jonathan take on a movie that may very well be Twilight for the zombie crowd as a good looking zombie has a romantic misunderstanding and turns into the undead while managing to keep his perfect hair the entire time.

So will this combination of a romantic comedy and a zombie flick take off or will it just be a mish-mash of two genres no one wanted to see together? Watch the video to find out!

About the Intro

In this episode, we reenact a running gag through the movie that has Nathan, the lead character, hitting his head against his bedroom wall for no good reason. Needless to say, Tylenol was sacrificed in the name of making this intro.


According to IMDB, the movie was filmed entirely in Dublin Ireland and is known as “Scary Video 5” in Finland. Clearly, the Finns are weird…

With an estimated budget of $5 million, this movie has one of the largest budgets of any film we’ll probably ever cover. Don’t worry though, they didn’t spend it on acting, writers or anything like that…

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more or watch Boy Eats Girl:

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