Beverly Hills VampAfter putting down both Birdemic and Living Dead Girl, we decided that we needed to return to our usual stock and trade, cheesy and sleazy horror movies.

Boy were we disappointed in Beverly Hills Vamp. For a movie that, quite literally, promised both lots of breasts and blood, it fell more than a little short on both. But don’t worry, there was a lot of people talking on telephones, people talking at desks, people talking in hotel rooms and much more talking excitement.

Worst of all, much of that talking was being done by one Eddie Deezen, who is best known for playing the part of Mandark in Dexter’s Lab. And he’s using the same voice.

This movie’s scary alright, but for none of the right reasons.

About the Intro

For this week’s intro, we again decided to revisit the intro to the movie, reshooting a classic scene as we introduce Sir Dr. Professor McStuffyPants and his lovely assistant Fifi, who gives us a vampire “weather report” so we can protect our friends and families.

Crystal lets out her inner ditz for this one (wait, she has an inner ditz?) and we even save the grossest throught for the post-credits stinger.

So hang on tight for this one, it’s going to be a bouncy ride.


Beverly Hills Vamp was directed by Fred Olen Wray, the man behind such classics as “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” and “Super Ninja Bikini Babes” making this a sure-fire classy film.

Fred Olen Wray, in recent years, has also used the names “Nicholas Juan Medina” and “Nicholas Medina” when directing movies. He also wrestles in an indie league under the name “‘Fabulous’ Freddie Valentine”.

Eddie Deezen, who played Kyle in this movie, is both Mandark from Dexter’s Lab and the know-it-all form Polar Express. Somehow, he’s even more annoying in this movie.

Brock is played by Tim Conway Jr., the son of Tim Conway and sibling to a bunch of other people with the last name Conway. Amazing coincidence.

Debra Lamb, who plays one of the vampire women, is a talented fire-eater and a classical ballet dancer. Neither of those talents come into play in this movie though (just her erotic dancing background).

Tom Shell, who played Russell in this movie, is currently working as a producer and is finishing up a project entitle “Zombie Hamlet”, which sounds awesome.

Additional Information

Here’s a few other sites where you can learn more about the movie:

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