About Crystal & Jonathan

First off, we have no degrees in cinematography. We haven’t even read a “dummies” guide to the subject. We also don’t have any vision of becoming movie makers. We are approaching this show from strictly a viewer’s standpoint. While boom mics in shots, horrible audio and lighting might ruin movies for those paying careful attention, we instead focus on what an average viewer sees.

Second, are cinnemassochists, meaning we enjoy watching movies that would cause pain to others. We challenge ourselves to find at least something good in every movie we watch, and we really enjoy watching these bottom of the bin movies and, with few exceptions, respect the people that make them.

Other information:


  • There is no script. Everything is completely off the top of our head, so if we have a brief pause to think, please bear with us.
  • We’re not perfect and we’re not claiming to be.
  • Our “studio” cost less than $200.00 of recording equipment to setup, and it shows.
  • We met in 1999 and have been supporting the garbage horror industry ever since. So yeah, you can thank us for our contribution to the mock buster craze.
  • Why do we do this? We enjoy watching these and are friends are always like “WHY???” Then, we sit them down and make them watch it with us and teach them to enjoy the bad, making good movies look that much better.