100 Tears PosterThis week’s review is the cursed one, the one with the failed intro and the review content that got deleted. However, we worked night and day (OK, mostly night) to try and bring this one to you as we wanted to tell you all about this movie, 100 Tears.

100 Tears is an NC-17 movie that centers on Gurdy the Clown, also known as the Teardrop Killer, and two intrepid reporters who are on the case. We get to see as Gurdy uses his meat cleaver to hack and slash his way through dozens of victims, including a whole halfway house, while the reporters and the bungling police do their best to try and stop him.

Meanwhile, Gurdy’s past seems to be catching up to him or, more appropriately, he seems to be catching up to it.

Is 100 Tears a thrill-a-minute horror/mystery movie or is it merely clowning around? Is it worth adding to your Netflix Queue or should you take a pass? Watch the review to find out!

About the Intro

The first run at this week’s intro was, for us, a dud. Combined with our technical difficulties, we decided to try something else and it was at least somewhat more funny (we think at least).

The intro focuses on Gurdy’s presence as a completely silent killer which, when combined with his clown makeup and outfit, might get him confused for being a mime. However, make no mistakes, no invisible walls are going to keep Gurdy at bay, clowns don’t have to play by mime rules as Crystal kindly illustrates (on me).

Also, stay tuned for the stinger at the end as we pay homage to Voltaire, whose music plays a prominent part in both the movie and this review.


The only movie outside of his Cartoon Network work to feature the music of Voltaire, the movie makes heavy use of his song “When You’re Evil” including playing it in the movie and over the credits. The movie even admits to stretching out the credits to finish the song.

100 Tears was shot on a budget of approximately $75,000.

The film was shot partly on location in Gibsonton, FL. Gibsonton is best known as being a wintering town for carnival workers due to its unique zoning ordinances that permit elephants and other carnival gear on lawns. Other portions of the film were shot in Tampla, FL.

One of the two police officers goes by the name “Captain Spaulding”, which is the same name as the character from the Rob Zombie films “House of 1000 Corpses” and “Devil’s Rejects”.

Joe Davidson, who plays Mark in the film, also wrote the picture and, through his company Pop Cap Pictures, produced the movie.

Leslie Crytzer, who played Tracy Greaston in the movie, also served as the film’s executive producer.

Raine Brown, who plays Christine Greaston, has been in some 40 films, all horror, at least 7 of which are yet to be released and is probably the biggest star to be found in this film.

Sadly, this movie is the only leading role for Jack Amos, who plays Gurdy the Clown. He’s only had other odds and ends roles, despite having 14 years of experience according to his Myspace. Someone get this guy work.

Additional Information

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